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Playing the Picturesque

- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
Using video game technology to explore architectural design

Previous exhibitions


The Theatre of Robert Anton

- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
Explore extraordinary miniature mannequins, props and drawings from a little-known artist of 70's New York.

Visual Arts


- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
An exhibition that gives form to the conceptual, geo-political, economic and cultural impacts of borders.

Visual Arts

Emma Hart : BANGER

- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
Emma Hart makes work about the routines and spaces of everyday life.

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Exhibition Policy

The exhibitions programme reflects contemporary ideas in society, seeking to unpick, explore and challenge perceptions and ideologies within contemporary culture through exhibitions, residencies, symposia and events. We are situated at the University of Bath, and focus on artists whose practice, where possible is interdisciplinary and crosses a range of mediums including sculpture, installation, film and video.

Our aim is to provide significant opportunities, which further artists’ careers at crucial points in their creative development. We work with both emerging artists and more established practitioners, showing wherever possible and desirable, primarily new or recent work. Exhibitions, residencies and projects arise from direct conversations with artists and curators, maximising the physical resources we have, which includes a large double height gallery and smaller single height gallery.

The programme is curated two years in advance, aiming to have as high a proportion as possible of works premiered and/or commissioned by us wherever possible. Ordinarily there are four or five exhibitions across the galleries each year, involving a large number of artists and practitioners.

We do not accept unsolicited exhibition proposals from artists and the galleries are not available for general hire. However we do welcome invitations to their latest exhibition openings and can be kept up to date via artist e-bulletins. Occasionally we hold open calls for residency opportunities which are publicised widely.