What is your background in your chosen art form?

I have been able to develop my passion for music from a young age. I started playing the recorder at the age of 4 and then started the violin at 5 years old. The best experiences have been to play in the Bavarian youth state orchestra and be a scholar of the University of Bath playing chamber music together with the other scholars.

What are you working on ahead of Platform?

I am working towards a very big dream which is to study the violin at university after I finish my Natural Sciences degree at Bath. Considering pieces, I am working hard on Bach at the moment discovering the musicality in his Patita E major. Looking at the score, you almost only see notes with the same length, so there is little difference in rhythm. But yet, you can find so much music in his notes and that is what makes his Patitas so immensely interesting for me.

If you are collaborating with other students tell us a bit about the process and how it’s going?

I am playing together with the other scholars in the Vivaldi and the Mozart flute Quartet group. We are doing alright, but I feel that our practice sessions were not intense enough. It would be a wonderful development if we could all mention our ideas about the musicality of the piece and work together on accomplishing them.

Do you find any links between your creativity and your course?

I would say that my course (Natural sciences) and playing the violin are extreme opposites. This however, makes it so attractive to combine the two as they are very different.

What/Who inspires, influences or drives you?

My violin teachers inspire me and my own passion for music as well as Izthak Perlman and Franz Amman, a cellist of the state opera, with whom I played string Quartet.

Do you have any other creative pursuits?

Occasionally, I like to do some handcrafting for Christmas. I used to crotchet a lot and loved to discover different shapes with knitting.


With thanks to Margaret Dewey for her generous support for this Arts Scholarship.


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Natural Sciences and playing the violin are extreme opposites, which makes it so attractive to combine the two