Join us for a preview and introduction to our Autumn 2017 exhibition, celebrating the legacy of radical British architects Alison and Peter Smithson

This exhibition brings together three duos of architects, artists and designers – ASSEMBLE and SIMON TERRILL, WARREN & MOSLEY and THE DECORATORS and GOIG who each take key developments in the Smithsons’ oeuvre as creative departure points to highlight their legacy and impact.

The exhibition’s title is taken from the ground-breaking exhibition Parallel of Life and Art, staged in 1953 at the ICA by the Smithsons and artist photographer Nigel Henderson and sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi. Echoing the methods and collaborative processes of the Smithsons during their breakthrough phase as architects in 1950s Britain, this exhibition will uniquely reveal their research and creative practices.

Off-site project:
This is also an opportunity to see Harvest, 2017 a new temporary open-air meeting and learning space designed by OWEN GRIFFITHS. Harvest will operate as a ‘free’ space open to all and will host a series of events, discussions and workshops.