What is your background in your chosen art form?

I fell in love with the flute when I was 9 and thanks to a supportive and creative music teacher, I quickly progressed up the grades. Performing in ensembles such as chamber groups and orchestras has been one of the main reasons I enjoy playing the flute so much, but I also always relished the chance to perform individually.

What are you working on ahead of Platform?

I am working on a piece by Farrenc which is both emotive and challenging, as well as a concerto by Mozart, who is one of my favourite composers to play. I’m enjoying the process of practicing these pieces, with help from my private music teacher.

Do you find any links between your creativity and your course?

I definitely do. I study Modern Languages, and I feel like music is a language in itself, which unites all those who perform it or listen to it. Different people use it in different ways, either to express themselves, or to express their beliefs.

What/Who inspires, influences or drives you?

When I play certain pieces, it is easy for me to express my emotions through the music, and I like being able to give a piece its own character by interpreting it in my own way. I’m able to leave everything else behind and concentrate fully on my playing, which provides a welcome escape from busy uni life!

Do you have any other creative pursuits?

In my spare time I enjoy dance, which is not only a fun way of getting exercise, but has also helped me make friends. It is very closely linked to music and requires a lot of concentration, which I enjoy because, like music, it means I have to focus fully on one thing and put aside everything else.


With thanks to Santander for their generous support for this Arts Scholarship.


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I study Modern Languages, and I feel like music is a language in itself