This Week

Music Tuition

Edward Bettella Piano Tuition - Friday

Choral Practice Room
Edward Bettella is a pianist, composer and teacher, combining his busy teaching schedule with writing new music for a variety of settings.


Playing the Picturesque

- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
Using video game technology to explore architectural design

Lunchtime Fitness

Dance Fit

- Dance Studio

Music Tuition

Susanna Downes Piano Tuition - Friday

Music Studio
Susanna Downes has taught piano for 20 years and enjoys encouraging students to develop on their journey as musicians.

Student Shows & Events

BUSMS - Addams Family

- Edge Theatre
A comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family

Previews & Talks

Saturday Spotlight Tour

Andrew Brownsword Gallery
Free, bitesize introductory tours on our current exhibition