Discover the explanation and workings behind the piece and witness live demonstrations of the drawing machine in action.

Join Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017 artist Jason Lane for a short talk about his work Drawing machine 2, taking place every half hour between 11am and 2pm.

Jason is a collector of found materials, with a workshop stacked high with source material for his work. He collects predominantly reclaimed steel and is drawn to the aged qualities and personal histories of materials. Inspiration for his work is also in part derived from a fascination with mechanical objects and their animalistic qualities.

The main component that inspired this piece of work is the inside door panel from a 1920’s Reo car and the characterful movement of its window winder mechanism. The result is a mechanical sculpture creating drawings in pencil, each a one off.


Jerwood Drawing Prize provides a platform to showcase the work of UK-based drawing practitioners, from student to established, and as a project helps to define a wider understanding of the role and value of drawing in creative practice.


Find more about the exhibition here.

Image credit Paul Blakemore


Making work out of scrap feels great, especially living in a society which wastes so many good re-usable materials.

Jason Lane