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"I think my favourite visit was during the exhibition Emma Hart: BANGER...

...I just felt really inspired and really excited about delivering lots of workshops from the exhibition." - Victoria Willmott

"My favourite visit at The Edge was when I put my feet for the first time in the dance studio - wow!"

"What a dream!" - Maria Cristina

The Life Drawing lessons...

"It was fun and full of creativity" - Xue Ling Boey

Playing the Picturesque...

"I got to see the concept of architectural design and video game technology merged together to see how we can design architecture going forward, which was really interesting." - Ellis Reed

"The closing night of the Addams Family Musical, when all my friends and family came to see it and it was such a perfect performance...

...everyone's hard work finally paid off." - Jake Bird

"My favourite visit to The Edge was my first day at university when I was exploring campus and thought I would check out the art centre...

...I remember walking into the atrium, hearing this Spanish guitar echoing around the room and the hustle and bustle of the people in the cafe and walking through the galleries for the first time." - Alex McCarthy

"Back in 2017 for the Brutalist Playground...

...I had hours of fun playing with giant foam objects and enjoying a really nice chocolate croissant and coffee in the cafe" - Lizzy Cummins

"I enjoy coming to work everyday to The Edge, because it is very important to be surrounded by art and creative people"

- Priscila Buschinelli

"I’ve held, as well as attended, some drink and draw and collaborative art events at The Edge, which were relaxing and inspiring and fun, letting you create art and sip on wine with good company. I also really enjoyed the Playing the Picturesque Prior Park exhibit."

- Vanshika Randev

"My kids loved the Brutalist playground and still ask when it’s coming back! Now he’s a bit older I just took my eldest to the Mariner exhibition and had a good chat about what it all might mean."

"Keep up the great work!" - Vanessa Langford

"I was very lucky that the year I joined the University of Bath coincided with the year that The Edge opened as a public venue, back in 2015. For me, The Edge was a touchpoint on campus to keep my passion for the Arts alive."

"I was involved in the installation of the first exhibitions and stewarded at the sell-out performance of Akram Khan to North East Somerset. Not only did The Edge feel a very special and personal place for me, it was a bridge between a BSc and working in the creative arts sector." - Martha Stone

"We really loved the indoor playground... was a unique experience for the kids." - Hannah Waters

"Life drawing with Caragh Savage has been a great experience...

...I wasn't allowed to go to art college and too nervous / unwilling to go to university. Fifty years on, I’m doing both! Although it's only once a week for a few hours, I appreciate the concentration of fellow students, the effective teaching of skills and the supportive professional environment. Thank you! I hope to be able to return after the covid-19 shut down." - Lorna Thomas

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Photo credits
Emma Hart: BANGER, 2019 photo by Anna Barclay
Dance Studio
Life Drawing, photo by Anna Barclay
Playing the Picturesque, You & Pea, 2019 photo by Anna Barclay
Edge Theatre seats
Foyer from above, photo by Tim Crocker
Brutalist Playground, Assemble, 2017 photo by Paul Blakemore CHECK
Borderlines, 2019 photo by Paul Blakemore
Playing the Picturesque, You & Pea, 2019 photo by Anna Barclay
Mariner, 2020 photo by Paul Blakemore
Akram Khan, photo by Jean Louis Fernandez
Brutalist Playground, Assemble, 2017 photo by Paul Blakemore
Life Drawing session with Caragh Savage